Online Gambling Agent With The Biggest Deposit Bonus

Online Gambling Agent With The Biggest Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is not a new bonus in online gambling, but every agent certainly has a variety of bonuses, but after we searched for information, now some online gambling agents qq slot pulsa provide their initial deposit bonus of up to 200%.

The bonus is calculated from your first total deposit, for example, if you fill in a credit of 1 million rupiah, then the credit you will get is 3 million rupiah, but make sure you read the terms and conditions that don’t make you have to reach a difficult target.

Usually the target is only 5 times the total deposit and bonus that is given, for the calculation itself we will also explain it in this article, just go ahead without having to talk about small talk, let’s discuss how to calculate the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Online Gambling Agent With The Biggest Deposit Bonus And How To Calculate It

To calculate it yourself is very easy, if the credit you get is 3 million rupiah, then you will multiply the terms above, which is 5 times the total credit, article 3 × 5 equals 15, meaning that if the credit reaches 15, you can withdraw all your balance into your account without any deductions.

However, if you do not reach the target that has been given, make sure to look for real situs slot terpercaya judi uang asli agents who will withdraw the bonus, because there are also sites that do not accept before you reach the conditions given.

Even though the bonus is withdrawn, you do get the benefit, that is, the bonus can be additional capital for you to be able to make your bet. This is super profitable, because for example, with a capital of 1 million you can only get 1 million in wins too.

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However, if you claim the bonus, you can get 3 million in winnings and the bonus given with a nominal value of 2 million is withdrawn if you don’t reach the target, in that sense you will get a bonus and your winnings are 1 million plus 3 million wins with a result of 4 million rupiah .

For us, this is the most profitable thing for you big players, why do we call big players, you are sure the bigger your deposit the bigger the bonus additional capital you get, friend.

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