Articles on how to play poker online for beginners

Articles on how to play poker online for beginners

Today’s world has capable technology and is also supported by various aspects of life that are still question marks. The very fast technological developments from time to time are certainly formed and supported by highly trained resources to create everything that exists and of course this development can help all of us in this world to help carry out activities easily and can also save time. Of course with world conditions like this it is very beneficial for our position as humans to work even faster. With the development of technology and the internet that is super fast, it will help us starting from teenagers who are still in school, namely helping to do assignments to adults in their work activities,

Poker game is a game that uses cards as a medium in this game by having 1 set of 52 cards with 4 common types. Usually aces have a very high value but sometimes they are also assessed low in some of these game sessions. In the game of poker, it is necessary to know the general terms in the game, including:

CHECK: a name to check the card / next with the same bet value
CALL ANY: follow whatever value of the bet on the previous table it is your turn to place
CALL: Means to follow the same bet by your opponent at the betting table
FOLD: does not follow the bet that is on the
RAISE table : increase the bet value on the table according to what you want
ALL IN: bet all chips or coins for the card you have at that time

Not only that, before you play Poker, of course, you have to look for a trusted poker99qq place or agent where you can play poker via your own computer or smartphone which you can play at home or wherever and whenever you want. Of course, with the sophistication of existing technology and the increasingly capable internet, there are already many agents already circulating in today’s era. We are here as agents who have long been involved in the world of online gambling which already has many members who have achieved success in this poker game and also play at our place, because we are not only agents that accept registrations from online gambling players but also us. will provide an extra bonus for those of you who are new to daftar poker99qq and also who made a deposit for the second time with details including:

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20% Referral Bonus: This bonus will be given to those of you who invite your friends and relatives. By recording the friend or relative that you registered is active, you will get a lifetime referral bonus.

5% Bonus for Each Deposit: The bonus will be given to the member immediately after making a second deposit which means after registering and passing the first deposit. For example, if you deposit 200 thousand, the total you will get is 210 coins.

There are conditions that you must follow, namely at least to deposit or withdraw funds, which is only 50 thousand, so make sure you have enough funds to play or withdraw funds. We as an online poker gambling game agent offer you to join us to play together. By joining us, there are many advantages that you will get, of course, with the various kinds of bonuses that exist so that you get a greater chance of getting bigger profits later. So you want to miss the opportunity to get additional money up to tens of millions of rupiah? don’t miss this interesting bonus promo because not all agen poker99qq will provide a bonus that only gets for free – just like us. So immediately register yourself, can be assisted by our customer service who is ready to serve 24 hours and can also register yourself via our website.